You got a discount card?

discount card

In the chain of shopping centers “Korona”, at the end of last year it became possible to get a discount card with the accumulation of up to 5%. But there is one nuance – the accumulated rubles will start to be withdrawn in 90 days, in the order in which they were credited.

If it were possible to accumulate points up to an unlimited percentage. You would immediately see the benefits, if you buy often, then you accumulate points and they do not burn. Then you come to the store and you buy as “your man.”

Shop check

And so, the benefits of a card like that, as you can see from the check, are almost non-existent. But the very presence of “some discount” warms the soul a little.

P. S. It remains to rejoice only in free packages, which the shopping center provides free of charge.

10 years ago