«The Art of Communicating with the Dog» by Antoine Najarian

Antoine Najarian – expert in dog communication, author of patented methods, has written a good book with practical advice – “The Art of Communicating with the Dog”.

Antoine constantly holds seminars and runs a thematic channel on YouTube.

A little video about him:

Basic insights from the book:

  • Every host should be a leader for his dog. The leader must have absolute authority.
  • Buying expensive food, toys and clothes is not taking care of your pet. Evaluate its appearance can only person. So it is a person needs a dog to look like this. The dog can not assess as the quantity, cost and quality of toys. Such care – to meet the needs and desires of man, and the care of the dog is to meet its natural needs, and this is, first of all, a walk.
  • In the street the dog spits out the energy it has accumulated, gets tired and becomes calmer. Once the energy is released, the dog becomes more controlled than when it is fully “charged”.
  • Pity makes a person weak in the eyes of a dog, because she doesn’t know this feeling: she feels only your vulnerability and can take advantage of it.
  • When the dog first enters your house, you must immediately show it that it is not her, but your “lair”. You go to all rooms and objects first, and then the dog.
  • All rules are set by you. Once the rules and boundaries for a dog have been defined, all family members must ensure that they are followed.
  • All rules are set by you.

  • When guests come to you, the dog should not be the first to meet them. Guests come to you, not her.
    In the house, the dog owns only himself. You are the only one who allows him to stay in one part of the house and use your things.

  • In all your monologue with the dog, he can learn a few words, the rest for her is just a set of sounds.
    The dog is an animal and memorizes words associated with developed reflexes or a particular pattern of behavior.

  • Dogs are not hated and have no sense of humor.
  • The dog needs to get used to the fact that food has to be earned. This can be a number of physical and psychological tasks. And when the dog gets up lazily and goes to the bowl of food, the whole natural process is disturbed.

    Don’t let the dog’s food in the bowl. The food should not be permanently available as there is no such thing in nature.

  • All undesirable actions should be responded to first by voice, and if the voice fails, you can touch it. A weak push to the side to distract his attention. This is already setting the rules and boundaries in your home.
  • If the dog is scared of something, do not calm him down or iron him, but pretend that nothing happened.

  • If a man passes by, there’s no need to react. Keep your dog on a leash by pulling him back a little, come quietly for a few seconds and let him calm down. There’s no need to talk to him and look at him. Say no clearly enough, showing your displeasure.
  • The walk should be as long as possible for any dog, regardless of breed. A common mistake: the morning run is the shortest and the evening run is the longest. It should be the other way around.
  • If violence is used, then the methods of persuasion have dried up: this may be the only method of persuasion for many.
  • One of the most important rules of full human influence on the dog is to be the right source, radiating calm, confidence and nothing more.

Also, his book says about special leashes and other accessories that can be used to train your dog. And many other useful techniques and techniques.

I liked the book, found a lot of useful things for myself, and that’s considering the fact that I’ve already read “Don’t Shoot the Dog” by Karen Pryor and taught my pets several commands with clicker training (the iPhone app).

You can buy the e-book “The Art of Communicating with the Dog” from the author’s website.

9 years ago