Princeton University

The other day I visited the city of Princeton, New Jersey. The whole town consists of a huge campus of Princeton University. The rest is housing for professors and students. And some nice streets with stores and restaurants. About them, just below.
Princeton University

So beautiful, it makes you want to study here.
Princeton University. It makes you want to study here.

John Witherspoon statue.
John Witherspoon

Everything is preserved in its original form here. Look at the windows.
Princeton University - windows

The University campus consists of beautiful courtyards with arches.
Princeton University - courtyard

Princeton University - arches

Lots of vegetation that covers the walls of the university in fabulous colors.
Princeton University - vegetation on the walls

Princeton University - vegetation on the walls

Sakura blossoms.
Princeton University - Sakura

I’ll tell it like a grandfather. Here – a place to ponder ideas while the magnolia blooms.
Princeton University - Magnolia

Or you can set up right on the lawn, like in all the American movies.
Princeton University - lawn

A common door at Princeton University.
Door at Princeton University

There are several parks on campus and there is even a huge golf course.

The university is heavily sponsored by alumni, so overall things are going well here. When you consider that one of the famous alumni is Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon.
Princeton University

City of Princeton

Very nice English style streets.
Streets of Princeton

Street Sign.
Princeton street signs

The cafes and restaurants here are all local. The residents seem to be doing just fine without the popular chain establishments.
Princeton cafes and restaurants

Beautiful lantern.
Princeton Lantern

Conclusion: I enjoyed it all very much. I recommend Princeton as a must-see.

3 years ago