Lviv is located in Ukraine, but it looks like a real European city. View from the window:

It has the largest number of different cafes and restaurants per square meter.

A lot of thematic establishments. There is a BDSM cafe where visitors can be slapped with a whip.
BDSM cafe in Lviv

Or the underground restaurant Kryivka. Which has no identifying marks. Just a wooden door. When you knock, a partisan opens it. You have to tell him “Glory to Ukraine”! And he will answer you “Glory to the Heroes” and pour you 50 grams of clandestine tincture. Then he will let you into the cellar, where the restaurant is located.

The author’s beer with a unique name is offered there.

Kryivka in Lviv

They love and honor the national flag here. Like they do in Spain.

There are many nationalists here. The cab driver told the story of when the service “Yandex.Taxi” came to Lviv, and all the cars drove with stickers of the company. And there were cases when at traffic lights the nationalists were showing their middle finger, spitting on the glass or throwing green paint on the car. They said that Yandex was a Russian company, and that was how the Banderites expressed their stance against Russia. The stickers had to be removed.
Flag in the streets of Lviv

The people crowded into the shuttle bus.
Shuttle buses in Lviv

The usual Lvov entryway.
Обычный Львовский подъезд

Bicycles are used as an advertising platform. For example, to place restaurant menus.
Велосипед для рекламы во Львове


Трамвай во Львове
Трамвай во Львове


Навигация во Львове
Навигация во Львове

The streets of the city.

Улица во Львове
Улица во Львове
Улица во Львове
Улица во Львове

Ukrainian folk coloring.

Украинский колорит во Львове
Украинский колорит во Львове

Rooftops of Lviv.
Крыши Львова

Бог во Львове

Folk writing on the walls is popular in Lviv. Unofficially:
Текст на стене во Львове

Officially. Calligraphy on the wall.
Каллиграфия на стене во Львове

Poems on the wall.
Стихи на стене во Львове

There are houses that remind you of Paris.
Львов похожий на Париж

Poster and other announcements.
Частные объявления во Львове

Phone booth.
Телефонная будка во Львове

Bicycle parking.
Велосипедная парковка в форме велосипеда во Львове

Пресса во Львове

Cigarette kiosk.
Продажа сигарет во Львове

City urn.
Урна во Львове


Скамейка во Львове
Скамейка во Львове

Street tableplates.

Несколько уличных табличек во Львове
Уличная табличка Львов
Уличная табличка. Улица Староеврейская во Львове


Львовская атмосфера
Дух города Львов

Antique paintings are right on the street.

Картины на улице Львова
Картины на улице Львова

So they don’t steal it.
Банкомат во Львове

When I came home after work.
Дверь во Львове


Почта во Львове
Почта во Львове

A sewer burst.
Дверь во Львове


Барахолка во Львове
Почтовые ящики во Львове

Typical backyards and alleys of Lviv.

Двор как в Питере во Львове
Двор во Львове
Двор во Львове
Двор во Львове
Двор во Львове
Двор во Львове

Goods at the flea market.
Барахолка во Львове

Парковка во Львове

Патриотизм во Львове

Бродяга во Львове

Looking for food.
Люди на мусорках во Львове

Lviv is great. I’ll be back here more than once.

Look at how much tickets to Lviv cost now: